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(Last Revised October 17, 2011)

By virtue of the power and authority conferred by the Republican Party of Kentucky, pursuant to Section 4.07 of the Republican State Central Committee (RSCC) rules, the Republican Party of Fayette County, in regular session, does hereby enact the following laws for its government and the government of all other committees subordinate thereto.

I. Adoption of RSCC Rules

The Republican Party of Fayette County shall be governed by Rules established by the RSCC of  Kentucky, with the exception that Section 4 is replaced in total with the following:

II. The County Committee

 The County Committee of the Republican Party of Fayette County shall be composed of the elected precinct officers(three per precinct according to RSCC rule 5.01), Republican Party of Fayette County Executive Committee Officers, and Republicans elected to partisan offices in Fayette County.

III. The County Executive Committee

 The County Committee shall elect the County Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, upon election, shall thereafter function in place of the County Committee for all purposes, including but not limited to managing and directing party affairs in Fayette County, collecting and disbursing Party funds, promoting campaigns of Republican candidates at the national, state, and local levels, and exercising such other duties, authorities, or privileges as imposed or granted either by State or Federal law, the rules of the Republican National Committee, and the rules of the Republican Party of Kentucky. The Executive Committee functions in place of the County Committee until the next Party reorganization, in a presidential election year, when a new County Committee takes office.

The Executive Committee is made up of and functions as follows:

A. Members

1. Three registered Republicans from each Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council District. If the member moves from a district to another district within Fayette County, the seat will be retained until the term ends. If a member moves out of the county, the seat will be declared vacant.

2. Fifteen registered Republican Members-At-Large. If the member moves out of the county, the seat will be declared vacant.

3. Ex-Officio Members

a. With Voting Rights

Residents of Fayette County serving in one of the following capacities:

(1)       Immediate Past Chairman

(2)       Immediate Past Vice-Chairman

(3)       Republican Election Commissioner

(4)       Republicans elected to partisan political

         public office

b. Without Voting Rights

(1)     Republicans elected to non-partisan public office.These members may attend all Executive Committee meetings and speak on issues, but may not introduce motions or vote on motions.

 B. Elections, Dues, & Attendance

 1. Elections (take place every presidential election year at the County Convention)

 Election of members to the Executive Committee shall be as follows:  A ballot shall be provided to all members of the County Committee for the purpose of electing an Executive Committee. The ballot shall include the name of each candidate seeking a position on the Executive Committee who has completed a form stating his/her name, address, telephone number, e-mail address if available, and office (council number or at-large position) for which he/she wishes to be elected. This form shall be signed and dated by the candidate and submitted to the County Chairman, or the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, no later than the countywide precinct election meeting date.  Executive Committee members are not required to be Precinct Officers.

2. Dues

 All members of the Executive Committee shall pay yearly dues as set by the Committee. These dues must be fully paid prior to the regularly scheduled April Executive Committee meeting or the member will lose voting privileges. The treasurer will send a notice to any member who has not paid dues by the April meeting. If the dues are not paid by the June meeting, the member’s seat will be declared vacant. A member who has donated the maximum amount allowable will be considered to have paid his/her dues for that year.

3. Attendance

Members are required to attend the duly called meetings of the Executive Committee. A member’s seat shall be declared vacant after three (3) consecutive unexcused absences from duly called meetings.

C. Officers

 Immediately after being elected, the Fayette County Executive Committee shall meet to nominate and elect its officers to manage the day to day affairs of the Republican Party of Fayette County. Candidates will be put forth by the County Convention Nominating Committee and no person shall be put in nomination without first having submitted a letter of interest to the current county chairman or chairman of the Nominating Committee no less than thirty days before the county convention.

                     The officers elected shall be as follows:

–       Chairman: who shall preside at all meetings, create and appoint members to any necessary committees, serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, be responsible for carrying out the mandate of these By-Laws, and carry out all other duties incident to the office.

–       Vice-Chairman: who shall be of opposite sex to chairman, and who shall have all the duties and authorities of the chairman during the absence or disability of the chairman, serve during a vacancy in the office of chairman until such a vacancy is filled, be an ex-officio member of all committees, and carry out all other duties incident to the office.

–       Secretary: who shall keep and be responsible for minutes and records, including correspondence, receive and file the minutes and records of all committees and County Conventions, make meeting notifications to all Executive Committee members, keep attendance records, process attendance excuses, and carry out all other duties incident to the office.

–       Treasurer: who shall be responsible to receive and disburse all funds, keep a careful record of all transactions which he/she shall make available annually for audit, make a summary report at each Executive Committee meeting, notify members who are delinquent on dues, chair the Finance Committee, complete the required Registry of Election Finance reports of receipts and disbursements, and carry out all other duties incident to the office.

–       Youth Chairman: who shall be 40 years of age or younger at the time of election and who shall encourage party activity among young Republicans and carry out all other duties incident to the office.

 The officers must be registered Fayette County Republicans, but need not be members of the Executive Committee.


 When a vacancy occurs on the Executive Committee, or in any of the five officer positions, an announcement of such vacancy shall be made at the next regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting.

 All individuals who desire to be nominated for the vacant position shall submit a signed and dated letter stating his/her desire and qualifications to serve as a member or an officer on the Executive Committee. This letter must be submitted by mail, e-mail, or personally to the County Secretary or the County Chairman prior to the next duly called meeting following the announcement of the vacancy. All letters submitted will be read at this meeting, and all candidates will be invited to attend and speak at this meeting. A quorum is not required at the meeting where letters are read. Elections shall be held at the second duly called Executive Committee meeting subsequent to the announcement of the vacancy.

E. Removal

The Executive Committee may itself remove any member with 30 day written notice for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in office subject to the same appeal as provided in contested elections to the RSCC. The Executive Committee may itself remove any member without notice for absences from meetings (see B3) or non-payment of dues (see B2).

F. Meetings

1. The Fayette County Executive Committee shall hold regular meetings monthly, unless the committee votes otherwise; in no case shall the Executive Committee meet less than quarterly.

2. Forty percent (40%) of the voting membership of the Fayette County Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.

3. Registered Republicans are welcome at all meetings, but are not permitted to make motions, discuss, or vote on any pending motions.

4. All meetings shall be governed by official Robert’s Rules of Order.

G. Financial Accountability and Disbursement of Funds

1. The Republican Party of Fayette County shall maintain two- signature bank accounts that require the signatures of the Treasurer and either the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, or the Secretary.

2. Disbursement of fund requests shall be submitted to the Treasurer and will be paid pursuant to the annual budget approved by the Executive Committee.

3. Any expenditures that are beyond those allotted for in the budget shall be brought to the Executive Committee for approval before funds will be disbursed.

H. Committees and Committee Chairmen

 The Chairman of the Fayette County Executive Committee is hereby authorized to appoint standing and/or special committees for the purpose of carrying out the business of the Republican Party of Fayette County. Members of all committees, standing or special, and the chairman of each committee, shall be appointed by the chairman of the Fayette County Executive Committee. Standing committees are Rules, Finance, and Membership.

I. Resolutions

All Resolutions to be considered by the county convention shall be submitted to the county chairman for referral to the resolutions committee no later than 30 days before the county convention.  No resolutions will be considered from the floor.

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